How it Works


Having your horses tail or mane set into our beautiful sterling silver jewelry couldn’t be easier. 

Place an order on our website for the pieces you want   The confirmation email will provide you with the exact instructions to send and label your tails and where to ship them!   If you don’t see this email immediately please check your spam folder.

Pendants, keychains, earrings and rings require an 8” lock of hair the thickness of a pencil.  Bracelets will need 12” of hair.



What are Heart Horses?

Heart Horses are miniature equestrian keepsake statues, ornaments and photo-holders made using a piece of your horse's own tail and painted to look exactly like them!  They are the perfect way to remember or memorialize an old friend, show off your favorite equine and keep a special piece of your beloved heart horse with you always!

They make wonderful gifts for equestrians, trainers, owners, boarders or anyone who loves horses, including yourself!  They can stand alone as little statues, hold a photo of you and your favorite horse, or be hung as an ornament on your Christmas tree!


How to Order

Simply pick the customization options you want and check out!  Choose your horse as a simple statue without the hook, with the photo holder hook, or a more advanced model with even more customization!  Add the accessories that define your horse, such as horse shoes, polo wraps, tack and more! 

After your order is complete, take a long, clean clipping of your horse's tail, write your name, address and horse's name on it and put it in an envelope! Put each horse's tail in a separate bag with their name on it and your name and return address. 

Then photos of your horses for customization will be emailed to Send each horse in a separate email. 

You will receive a conformation email right away with information on where to send your horse's tail, and photos.  Within 24 hours, our customization specialist will review and reach out to you to confirm your order and horse's customization options. 

If you have special requests, feel free to ask!  We'll see what we can do!  We love accommodating to make each horse as special and unique as their real life counterparts!

Click here to order your custom Heart Horse now!