Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find the most frequently asked questions about our Heart Horses, Heart Horse Jewelry and Heart Horse customization!

Q. How big are they?

A. Heart Horses stand anywhere between 4.5" to 5.0" tall (not including tail)!  They're all as unique as the horses they're made after so sometimes they decide how they'd like to stand! Draft horses are made on the larger size, ponies and donkeys are made smaller. 

The size of each jewelry piece can be found in the description area of each product.

Q. Can they be  made without the hook?

A. Yes!  You can choose to have your Heart Horse made with or without the photo/ornament holder hook. 

Q. What are they made out of?

A. Depending on your chosen accessories, Heart Horses are made out of a mixture of polymer, acrylic, wire, foil, leather, and other crafting materials, and of course your horse's tail. 

Jewelry is made out of sterling silver and of course, your horse's tail. 

Q. How long do they take to make?

A. Turnaround time for a custom Heart Horse or jewelry varies based on time of year/season, how many orders are in front of yours, how many of those orders have sent in their tails.  Orders are made in priority based on order date first and post mark of tail package second.  If you need your Heart Horse on or before a specific date a rush order can be processed which may include express shipping or a rush fee.  For more info and availability for rush orders contact us at

Q. Can you use my own horse's tail and photos to make them?

A. YES!  Heart Horses are made specifically using your horse's own tail you send to us and painted to look just like them! 

Q. What if my horse has passed away and I don't have his tail?

A. Not a problem.  We have options available where we can use extra tail we have, and still paint them to look just like your horse! 

Q. What happens if my Heart Horse breaks?

A. Accidents do happen!  If your Heart Horse has a "trailering/shipping accident" and is broken or injured on his way to you, our vet will repair him good as new and free of charge!  If your Heart Horse suffers an injury while in your home paddock, barn or field, we are able to fix him for a small fee & the cost of return shipping, depending on the severity of his injury!

Q. My horse has unusual markings or brands.  Will these be added to my horse?

A. YES! Unless you tell us otherwise, all markings, brands, socks, snips, stars, spots and more will be added to your heart horse to make him look as much like his real horse as possible! 

Q. My horse has a unique feature, habit or signature thing about him.  Will you be able to add these to my horse? 

A. YES!  Don't be afraid to ask about any and all customization ideas.  We've made heart horses with their ears pinned back, with one eye, their tongues sticking out, with specific colored tack, playing with their favorite barn cat/dog and in specific poses that are unique trademarks that have made your horse special over the years! 

Q. What countries do you ship to?

A. Traditionally only USA and Canada, but we are happy to ship Heart Horses world wide as long as the customer is willing to cover the shipping costs. 

Q. Do you make other animals besides horses, like donkeys?

A. YES!  We will make donkeys, mules, mini horses, and cows, all using a piece of their tail.   We can make sheep (with or without a piece of their wool) and we can also make dogs, cats and goats, without using any of the animal's actual fur.

Q. Can I get other horses customized besides my horses? 

A. YES!  We can customize your horse to look like any horse you'd like including famous horses or photos you find on the internet!

Q. Can you make different breeds?

A. YES!  While Heart Horses do typically have a standard look to them, we are open to customization options that allow for your horse's breeds features to shine through such as feathers on draft horses, docked tails, dished noses, etc.  If there is a specific request you want, feel free to contact us and ask!  We love unique challenges and customization!