Customizing Your Horse

Customizing your Heart Horse is easy!  Here's how it works...


1. Choose your style Heart Horse from our website.  Heart Horses come in different options such as statues and photo holders, or even more customization options, details and action poses!

2. Add any additional accessories to your Heart Horse.  It's up to you how customized you want your Heart Horse!  To our basic Heart Horse models, you can add additional features such as horse shoes, bridles, full tack, halters, polo wraps, and more! 

3. Finalize Checkout.  Complete the checkout process.  Within 24 hours one of our Heart Horse customization specialists will contact you to confirm your customization options, and to give you information on how and where to send the tail and photos of your horse.  

4. Send a piece of your horse's tail.  If you are unable to send a piece of your own horse's tail, make sure to check the option during checkout that includes using our tail to make your custom keepsake. 

We suggest sending a long piece of tail about 12-18 inches, and as thick as a pencil when banded.  If you want your Heart Horse to have a thicker mane and tail, send a little bit more.  If you only have short pieces of your horse's tail available, send a little more. 

If your horse has passed away, we understand your horse's tail is irreplaceable. We suggest getting tracking on your horse's tail to make sure it arrives safely.  Let us know and we will always return all unused tail to you with your Heart Horse.

horse hair for custom equestrian keepsake

When sending the tail:

  • Please make sure it is clean and free of dirt, manure and hay.  
  • Do not braid the tail.  This makes it impossible to work with and it won't lay evenly. It will also delay your order if we have to wait for the braids to relax.
  • Put each horse's tail in a separate bag or envelope with your horse's name, your name, and return mailing address on it (although all tails can be mailed together in one larger envelope or box. 
  • If your horse's mane is a different color, or has more than one color in it, send a small piece of your horse's mane in that color and label them. 
  • Let us know if you'd like the extra tail returned. 

5. Send your horse's photos.  All photos of your horse or horses will be sent to  If you are sending photos for more than one horse, please send them in separate emails with your horse's name on it.  This way photos of your horses do not get confused.  In the body of your email, write a short description of the markings, features your horse has... i.e. left hind sock, blaze, blue eye, brand on hip...

Tips for sending photos:

  • Send photos of your horse outside showing his best color.  We understand that winter coats, seasons, clipping, your horse's age and indoor lighting can change the color of your horse's coat, so to ensure we match his color and markings as best as possible, the best photos to send are in bright outdoor lighting.  You can also let us know if you want your horse's coat darker or lighter. 
  • Send photos of both sides of your horse, and closeups of all markings.
  • Send a head shot of your horse from straight on, and right and left to show off his muzzle markings.  
  • If your horse is a paint, send a 360 (untacked) view of your horse so all spots are able to be seen all the way around your horse and can be painted to match as close as possible. 
  • If your horse has a marking or brand that is hard to see, draw the shape out on a piece of paper and mark it's location, so we know exactly what it looks like and where it should go.
  • Mention any additional features or customization you'd like added to your horse in your photo email. 
  • Include your return address. 

6. Final follow up.  After reviewing your horse's customization and photos we will send you a follow up email if we are unsure or unclear of any of your horses markings, or would possibly need clarity or more images to do the best job possible.  Any additional questions feel free to ask. 

7. Shipping. We'll let you know once your pony is loaded in the trailer and on his way to you!