About Us


One holiday season I wanted to create a Christmas ornament that represented my horse Rocket, specifically one that incorporated the use of his tail.  I tried painting glass balls with the tail inside it, I tried different ways of braiding the tail and attaching ribbons and bells on it.  I wasn't too excited about anything I'd come up with.  I had recently taken down a box of vintage 1980's My Little Ponies from my storage and thought how cool would it be to actually have a toy pony that was painted to look like my horse.  Then it dawned on me that the best way to use my horse's tail would actually be, as his tail!   I'd create my own horse shaped ornament, paint it look look like my horse, and somehow figure out how to incorporate his tail as the actual mane and tail of the ornament.  

I made "little" Rocket as a very quick test pony, still unsure how the horse hair would fair in the oven, or if it would even stay put in the ornament.  He was so adorable that I brought him into the barn the next day to show him to my trainers and offer to do their horses as holiday gifts. 

Before I'd even walked out of the barn that day, I had two pockets full of tail clippings and 5 additional orders for custom Heart Horses.   I was taken back by how well received and adored they were that I decided to take orders from the public.  

To date, over 1000+ Heart Horses have been made and trailered back out to their homes in both the United States and Canada!  It's been wonderful to get to know horse owners from across the continent and meet their unique and special heart horses in real life.  Always up to the challenge, it's very exciting to get new breeds and colors as well as unique special requests for customization. Personalizing each horse is what makes them really special and I appreciate the opportunity that fellow equestrians provide to me by allowing me to turn a small piece for their horse into an adorable little keepsake, as unique and special as the horse they represent.